Health Coaching

As a Certified Health Coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, I provide a wide range of services to help individuals and organizations achieve their wellness goals.

Need a nudge in the right direction?

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make and follow a plan

My services include a variety of customizable group workshops, individual consultations and lectures that are appropriate for businesses, community groups, individuals, and more!

Individual Consultations

Identify the best ways to achieve your health goals during this personal, focused consultation where we will evaluate your current lifestyle, identify your needs and develop a strategic plan for your body type.

Group Presentations

My interactive and educational health and wellness presentations are full of practical, affordable tips and advice that help to discern the massive amount of health information that keeps us confused and uncertain. Perfect for community events, health fairs, business luncheons and more!

Online Classes

Gain the accountability and knowledge of a personal wellness coach while learning from home! Learn easy ways you can simplify your life while improving your overall health, weight, energy, and focus. Not only will you have access to online content, you will receive bi-weekly, in person consultation and access to daily messaging with me.

Smart Shopping

Navigating the aisles at the grocery store can be daunting and overwhelming. Learn how to shop with confidence by discovering the secret to identifying healthy foods. Receive a suggested brand(s) shopping list and personalized attention during this fun shopping trip.

Pantry Makeovers

Do you know the quality of the contents in your pantry? This fun, interactive consultation lets you discover how to read nutrition labels, replacement of non-healthy foods for healthier options, cooking and shopping tips and so much more!

Science-Based Solutions

Take control of your health and learn simple, effective strategies to help prevent disease, sleep better, sharpen thinking, boost energy, reduce cravings and more!

Strategies Personalized For:

Adults & Seniors

  • Prevent disease and unhealthy aging
  • Boost energy levels and reduce stress
  • Sleep better and think sharper
  • Use good nutrition to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Reduce the risk of cancer and ailments such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and arthritis
  • Become fit, strong and flexible